Leakwarning- and Detectionsystem TraceTek

The TraceTek locating system detects the leak at its source, signals the alarm and displays the exact location of the leak. By referring to a map of the system layout (supplied as a part of the TraceTek system), you can quickly find the leak source.

With the support of sensing cables and the appending Alarm and Locating Module it is possible to detect leaks of different fluids and localize them quickly within one meter. The use of our TraceTek system is of particular importance, especially in regions, where it is not possible to have an insight in different areas e.g. raised floors (server rooms, clean rooms, etc.) or pipeline routes in suspending ceilings. The TraceTek system is parallel used for detection of oil leakage in underground pipelines as well as for the monitoring of oil tanks.
Independent on the requirements, the unbounded field of application, the individual layout and the high flexibility of our TraceTek system enable the user a very fast and clean monitoring. For almost every requirement TraceTek provides an applicable system, regardless if you have a single alarm system or a widely ramified warning- and detection system.